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mary jo



  • Dragon Rises School of Oriental Medicine

    Masters Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine
  • The University of Georgia

    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Ecology
  • Georgia Southern University

    Master’s degree, Phisiology
  • University of Florida

    Masters Secondary Science Education, Learning Strategies
I love to help my patients live their lives at the highest level; free of pain and with energy and joy. Acupuncture treats Body, Mind and Spirit. I have a wide array of techniques and skills to minimize/eliminate pain, optimize energy and joy for life. I have specialized training in Toyohari-Japanese style acupuncture; very gentle & pain-free. Ideal for children and those that cannot tolerate needles. I have a special interest in nutrition; its impact on a person’s physical and emotional well being. I offer nutritional counciling combining expertise in both western nutrition & oriental nutrition. Insurance Accepted
My clinic has just added Cold Laser Therapy. Cold Laser therapy puts concentrated energy directly into the cells and results in rapid healing and enhanced cell metabolism. The result is reduction in pain and enhance cellular repair. Great for any inflammatory issue